User Experience

The Importance of User Experience

” Why aren’t I getting any leads from my website? ” – This is a question I hear from a lot of frustrated website owners who come to me. I had a new customer come to me this week with this exact issue. So, here I´ll give my explanation as to why.

He explained to me that he had spent a lot of money in the past on different designers and marketers who made promises but didn’t produce. He has a website (✓). He spent lots of money on SEO and AdWords(✓). He is getting good traffic (✓). So why is nobody enquiring via the website?

The first thing I did was check the website and my suspicions were confirmed. The product is good – and here is the ‘but’ – it is not being displayed in a user friendly way. People enter his site and then almost immediately leave because the site is too cluttered, hard to navigate through and is not presented in a user friendly manner.

So, what is ‘user friendly’ I hear you ask. In layman’s terms: it focuses on the overall feel of your experience using a website. For example: Ever get frustrated or annoyed when trying to find something or navigate through a website and then just give up? Or you get overwhelmed with information, pop-ups or too much text? That is bad user experience

When you have good user experience you probably don’t even notice. You go to a website, navigate easily to what your are looking for, do your thing and then leave. Easy. That essentially is a good user experience. No hassle, you feel good and get on with your day.

User experience is something that can often be overlooked in favour of:  “I need to push everything on my website in front of people so that they understand everything I offer and don’t leave my website“. Often it produces the opposite effect.

My customer was a little taken aback when I explained to him what I thought was wrong with his website – he told me I was the first designer to “tell him these things” but that he agreed 100% once it was pointed out to him.

Often the simple things can be overlooked but are obvious once they are seen. I will be working on his website in the coming weeks, making some simple yet effective changes that will lead to more enquiries from his website.

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